Texas Secondary and Enhanced Recovery Database (Bulletin 82)

For years the Texas Railroad Commission has assembled statistics and operator information about secondary and enhanced recovery projects in the State of Texas. These were published in a series of "Bulletins" beginning in 1952.  The "Bulletins" contain information that can be found nowhere but in the Commission's files and are an excellent reference for enhanced recovery operations. Although limited to Texas, the data found here can be applied worldwide as analogies to these established projects.

Unfortunately, the group that assembled the information lost its funding in the early 1980's and the last version was published in 1982.  It was predictably entitled "Bulletin 82".  Even though the data is now more than thirteen years old the information is still extremely useful in analyzing the performance of the Texas projects listed and applying this knowledge to other areas.  

The entire Texas Railroad Commission (TRC), file has records on more than 8600 enhanced recovery projects and includes more than 80 different types of data on each one, although not all items are complete for each project.  The TRC organized the data into five separate files with only the project number common to each file.

The data fields in the Bulletin 82 records include:

Perhaps you are looking for secondary-to-primary ratios for San Andres waterfloods in Ector County.  A search could easily be set up to find these records and perform the ratio calculation. Yes, the numbers would only be through 1981, but some project records include estimated ultimate recovery due to the injection project.  You may be working on a Field in China, known for heavy oil.  A search could be made of the Bulletin 82 database for Texas projects that had API gravity less than 25°.  After updating the production history, you may be able to find a waterflood analogy to apply to the China project.  And maybe you might want to find any line-drive waterfloods in Andrews County to compare with a flood your company owns. The Bulletin 82 database would be useful for all these examples.

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If you only need a county or two I'll be glad to just send the data.

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